AURA firmly believes in sustainability and minimising the environmental impact we have on the planet. We are committed to best practice, with that in mind we only use timber sourced from sustainable plantations…

AURA firmly believes in sustainability and minimising the environmental impact we have on the planet

Aura has also implemented an environmental care system, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO-14001 standards.

Further to our own polices for environmental impact reduction we work with manufacturers of flooring systems that have equally high standards:

Traditional – NeoShok

  • The first MFMA (Maple Flooring Manufacturer’s Association) mill to provide sports flooring certified by the Rainforest Alliance, assuring environmentally sound logging practices.
  • The first MFMA mill to provide FSC certified flooring as established by the rainforest alliance.
  • Numerous Connor system components can also qualify for LEED contributions as specified by the U.S. Green Building Council’s rating system.
  • Proud to be the only ZeroWaste company in the sports flooring industry – less than 1% of all our waste is sent to a landfill. We continue to explore options that will result in an even furthur reduction of waste reaching a landfill as a result of our business operations.

Synthetic – Pulastic

  • Water based – solvent free
  • Recycled content greater than 80%
  • Low VOC emissions
  • Resurfaceable – no wastage
  • DESCOL – Manufacturer of Pulastic are ISO 14001 environmentally certified. This certification ensures that the most stringent environmental control procedures are used in manufacturing Pulastic
  • Green Star approval

Engineered – Helsinki

  • Certified to DIN EN 14001 and validated to the EU Eco Audit since 1998 for commitment to the preservation of natural resources.
  • Awarded the European PEFC certificate, which is proof that the timber we use can be traced and tracked through the entire product supply chain – called the “chain of custody” – from the certified, sustainable forest all the way through to the final product.
  • FSC. Our commitment to environmental safety is also reflected by our entire production cycle.