Aura Sport is proud to announce that we are now offering the best Surface, for the best Tennis. GreenSet and Aura have joined forces to provide Australia the perfect pairing of Aura’s expertise and local knowledge as Australia’s leading Sports Flooring company, combined with GreenSets unique resins and state of the art court building technologies.

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With the support of the world’s leading experts in Tennis surfacing Aura can now offer the GreenSet system to our clients, complimenting our already impressive range of Sports Flooring that we have been offering for over 30 years. Aura has gained a reputation for working with Manufacturers who are the leaders in their respective areas. Our commitment to Tennis is no different. Javier Sanchez Vicario and his team at GreenSet have already achieved the standing of the worlds leading experts in tennis surfaces, and Aura look forward to contributing to this proud tradition.

Since 1982 GreenSet have built courts for over 600 tournaments, including some of the worlds most prestigious tennis events (ATP, WTA, Davis Cup, Fed Cup and Olympic Games), where the courts have to be consistent and reliable.

Aura look forward to a successful and long partnership with our friends at GreenSet. Stay tuned to Aura’s Website and Facebook Page to see the stunning Tennis Court installations that we produce when 2 great companies come together… Game, Set & Match!

You can also visit GreenSets website here.