The Helsinki system from Haro is an engineered hardwood floor system. Utilising an area-elastic layer the sports floor succeeds through its high-tech performance. The special elastic layer consists of polyurethane cushioning layer. It is designed to maintain the same elastic properties throughout its entire life cycle. Load distribution strips are placed on top of the elastic layer and the hardwood top features the most wear resistant finish in the market, Eight layers of Permaur individually UV cured polyurethane finish coats with antibacterial characteristics. As well as the Helsinki system, Aura offer all systems within the Haro range – please call us for more details or download the Haro Range PDF below.


  • Utilises latest engineered timber technology for maximum environmental advantage
  • “No sand system”. Minimal initial maintenance due to special in-factory finishing techniques.
  • Includes full polyurethane long life elastic layer for high shock and sound absorption.
  • Highly stabilised timber means no unsightly expansion gaps.
engineered sports flooring diagram