Polyurethane Sports Flooring

Pulastic 2000 is an indoor cushioned polyurethane sports floor for multi-purpose usage in a variety of applications. It’s a cost effective, durable and high quality floor covering for sports halls and gymnasiums. Used for a wide variety of indoor sports and multifunctional purposes, the Pulastic 2000 synthetic sports flooring system is specially developed to bring comfort and safety in sports, combined with a high level of multifunctional characteristics and significantly low maintenance requirements. As well as the Pulastic 2000 synthetic sports floor, our team offers all flooring systems within the Pulastic range – please call us for more details or download the Pulastic Range PDF below.


  • High quality shock absorption and cushioning
  • Excellent acoustics
  • Low maintenance and lasts the life of the building
  • Many colour & design options
  • The strongest system on the market
  • VSBA compliant
  • Sustainable sports floor
sports flooring polyurethane diagram